Video Game Parties | Melbourne, Australia

Video game & VR parties that come to you.

We bring video games and virtual reality to your parties, whether it is a birthday, corporate event or any celebration. We have packages to suit your party perfectly.

The most fun

Video game parties

up to 24 players at once

At your Video Game Party you will be able to play the latest and most popular split- screen games on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, like Minecraft, Fortnite, Overwatch, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Rocket League, FIFA, NBA and more.
We come to your home or venue, from kids birthday parties to corporate events, you can have an awesome time with Video Game Parties that come to you.

All Video Game Party Packages include a bonus virtual reality headset, so you can experience what it is like being fully immersed in the gaming world.

step inside the video game

Experience gaming in a new way, with Virtual Reality. You can choose from many fun VR experiences, like Super Hot, Beat Saber, Job Simulator, from flying planes, to boxing, paintball and more.
Share the awesome experience of Virtual Reality with your friends and family, no matter their age, at your Video Game Party.

  • choice of the best vr games
  • safe and supervised
  • super fun for all ages

Virtual reality

Get the party started

Choose the video game party or virtual reality party package that best suits your needs.

VR + Console Package

$ 200
first hour
  • + $50 for each additional hour
  • Virtual Reality Gaming
  • 2 x 43" Gaming TVs
  • 2 Consoles (PS4 & Switch)
  • Friendly Host
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